Friday, August 24, 2012

Generals 2 is Dead to Me, C&C is Gone

Wow, news that there will be no single player for Generals 2 and that the biggest change, aside from that mind you, is that the game will be known as a free to play Command & Conquer game, a service revisiting all the C&C universes like Red Alert and Tiberium Wars. You got to be kidding me, how can free to play work with competitive RTS games? More importantly though what made every C&C game I've played stellar was the story. Unfortunately they botched the story of the Tiberium universe having it conclude with C&C 4. Yeah nobody played C&C 4 because it was a horrible mistake, some would say abomination. Yet this looks to be yet another horrible mistake. Farewell C&C, your legacy only lives on in my childhood memories. RTS Gamer for life.