Thursday, May 5, 2016

E3 Rumors: The Big Three Have Things Up Their Sleeves

Here we go again, the proverbial rumor mill is a turning, as we're about a month away from this year's E3. Tons of talk are around the industry's big hitters; Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo. Let's throw out some tidbits that we know of presently.

First up, SONY will be revealing their iteration of their PS4 platform, a PS4.5 or PS4K* ,*as unofficially coined by Kyle Bosman of The Final Bosman of Gametrailers fame, This PS4.5 will boast a beefier inside to tackle 4K gaming and most likely accompany their Playstation VR, launching in the fall.

Secondly, as in any arms race, the competition will also compete so MICROSOFT has also been rumored to be revealing a more powerful Xbox One. Rumors are swirling if this new iteration to the Xbox platform will also help with introducing people to Augmented Reality games with the Hololens.

Lastly, but not at all least, NINTENDO is working on their own newest iteration of console codenamed the NX. Nintendo's NX is said to be on pair with current Xbox One and PS4 specs. This will be Nintendo's answer for their Wii U mishap. Will the NX have some gimmick just like the WIi U did, and the Wii before that?

My impressions, while yes I and everyone else will be waiting anxiously for Nintendo's newest console to play the breath taking Legend of Zelda title that's in the development, - although it has been revealed that there will be a Wii U version as well - more importantly the introduction of a new console this early in on their respective console generations makes Sony and Microsoft will be breaching new territory. I personally loved PC gaming but I hated the constant upgrading and keeping-up-with-the-Joneses to play the latest titles at the settings that I wanted. With the newest systems that will allow newer gamers to experience the best gaming possible, up to that point anyways, I really hope it doesn't send tidal waves throughout the industry. Will there be many other gamers left out due to their current hardware? If anything, this year's E3 is the big highlight of what's going on, what's going to happen and what everyone is going to be complaining about in a few months. lol